about steadyhandsteve

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s early in 2011 when in my late thirties and since then I have approached this diagnosis with as much of a positive attitude and outlook that I can.

I first noticed something was wrong at the end of 2010 when out running and my right arm just kept dragging against my side.  I also realised that I was feeling tired all the time, crashing out every weekend following my week at work.  Something was not quite right!

My diagnosis was pretty quick – I went from seeing my GP one morning to hearing a neurologist the following evening confirm our what our internet research had indicated to us.  Even so to be told that you have a chronic, degenerative neurological disease left me feeling numb. Since then I’ve been through a number of stages of accepting that I have Parkinson’s and adjusting how I do things and adapting the way I approach life.

Every hour a person in the UK is  told of their diagnosis.  There are over 125,000 people living with Parkinson’s in the UK and there are millions of people with this neurological condition worldwide,  This is a disease that slowly impairs our ability to move, imprisoning us in our own body, as well as other effects such as having to deal with the psychological challenge of living with a progressive condition.   What’s more, people ignore Parkinson’s as they believe that it only affects the old.  The truth is, it can affect anyone at any age as I know only too well – as someone in my early forties with a young family I have and live with Parkinson’s.  There is currently no cure and so raising funds to boost research is vital.


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