day 5 – to Kibo Huts Camp – 4,700m

Wednesday 6th February 2013

This represented the “turn” in our trek.  On previous days we had been heading East, effectively away from the main Kibo summit.  We were now leaving Mawenzi behind us and heading accross towards the main target.  Initially there is a climb out of the tarn cirque and from the ridge a great photo opportunity.  We then headed down onto the “Saddle” which I describe in a short video clip as a “vast moonscape” – just dust and rocks and nothing else.  It took about 4 hours to get over to the Kibo huts camp where the ever-ready porters had set up camp and had our lunch ready!  The afternoon was spent relaxing before the sun went down and we retired to the tent attempting to  rest, but unable to sleep with anticipation of what was to come.  We took the time to listen to some favourite / inspiring music – see separate entry.  It had been cloudy and blowy during the day and even though the tent was nestled near some rocks the wind ripped away at it all evening and we truly expected we were in for a rough night.  Around 22:30 I “nipped” out for a toilet trip – not easy having to layer up and get out of the small tent.  When I returned I reported back on the conditions by saying to Darren “you are not going to believe what it’s like out here”.  In fact I was simply blown away by the fact that all the cloud had gone and I stood in disbelief as I looked up at a night sky the had what appeared to be a thousand times as many stars as I’d ever seen – even from the Alps.  The shooting star – surely a sign?

crossing the saddle
kibo huts camp 4,700m

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