day 4 – acclimatisation – Mawenzi Tarn 4,300m

Tuesday 5th February 2013

This was our acclimatisation day and therefore offered the prospect of a long morning walking and a return to rest at the Tarn campsite – certainly “walking high and sleeping low”.  We headed off up through cloud, buffeted by strong winds on the East ridge to experience some great scree-slope  scrambling.  The photos remind me that we had a few more layers on – the investment in decent fleece-lined walking trousers was paying off.  It was a fairly strenuous walk – both climbing and thinning atmosphere taking their toll.  The photos show how far above the camp we had climbed.  Over to our the West the Kibo summit was shrouded by cloud – we wondered what it was like at the top that morning and contemplated the fact that we hoped to be up there in less than 48 hours!  Back at camp the down jacket was starting to be vital especially as the sun disappeared – temperatures soon plummeted.  I was glad of the warmth afforded by my 5-seasons sleeping bag at the end of the day!

more scrambling

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