day 3 – to Mawenzi Tarn – 4,300m

Monday 4th February 2013

This was a short, sharp 3-hour walk up to the tarn covering 730 metres of altitude gain.  The campsite here is simply stunning – sitting in a classic cirque under the Mawenzi peak.  I recall commenting on this being like no other campsite I had experienced.  After a lunch and a couple of hours rest and recovery we headed out with our guides Douglas and Paul to explore the upper slopes of Mawenzi.  Being just the four of us we had a little more freedom and as we were staying for two nights at the Tarn to acclimatise there was less pressure to be back in camp or off at a set time the next day. The sun was out and shining brightly and we enjoyed ourselves scrambling on the volcanic slopes another 400 or 500 metres and marvelling at the views over the scree slopes.  To paraphrase Brian Clough “I wouldn’t say it was the best days walking I’ve ever enjoyed – but it is in the top 1”.   We hardly noticed the fluffy white clouds billowing up from the plains below – they would give us a different day on Tuesday!


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