In the beginning……

Let me take you back to December 2010…..

December 2010 was extremely cold.  The UK shivered in the grip of a cold snap that saw temperatures dipping below -15°C and loads of snow.  It would stay like this until boxing day. In the Champions League Spurs become the first ever club to score more than two goals in all group stage matches. They are also the only competition debutants through to the last 16.  Happy Days!

At the same time I was feeling increasingly exhausted and tired.  Yes I had a demanding job, along commute and a young family, but when I collapsed onto the sofa at the end of the week and through the weekend it was not helpful.  I’d been known to enjoy a cat-nap but they were now the only way I could survive the weekend.  I stared at my handwriting in my work notebook as it became increasingly small and squiggly.  My wife was getting concerned and so was I.

What we didn’t know then was that my Parkinson’s was revealing it’s existence.  Much had already happened in the inner workings of my brain and my exhaustion was the evidence that my body was working overtime.  It would be a while before I would be ‘officially diagnosed’ but looking back now I can recall earlier occasions when the my Parkinson’s had briefly shown itself, albeit unrecognised by me.  The earliest time had been 8 months earlier in April whilst doing a pseudo-competition at work in two teams in front of flipcharts.  I had the pen and the pressure was on, sending the adrenaline circuitry into action and I momentarily lost control of the pen and struggled to write.  It would be a couple of years before I got to know the full impact of adrenaline surges and the effect on tremor and voice control.

This is really just a reflection of events that went on in pre-diagnosis, perhaps helpful if you are in the same or similar situation.  They also show an element of “adjust” part of the “accept-adjust-adapt” mantra that gets me through.

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Welcome to on launch day 30th November 2013  –  what is the reason?

to help others who find themselves in a similar situation to me diagnosed in my late 30’s with Parkinson’s or anyone else affected by such a diagnosis  –  what are the aims?

to share my story and experiences from the journey I’ve been on with Parkinson’s in order that hope and positives can reign supreme.  Life doesn’t stop with Parkinson’s but it does have to change!

Over the next few weeks I will reflect back on my journey with young-onset Parkinson’s from the signs that emerged late in 2010 and through the diagnosis to my 37 year-old self in the Spring of 2011.

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