5 years on….

Each year in April it becomes Parkinson’s awareness month because April was the month that James Parkinson was born.  He is notable for publishing ” An essay on the shaking palsy” in 1817 that first described the condition I live with.

Each April I am reminded of my own Parkinson’s awareness month because April was the month in 2011 when I was first diagnosed.  In fact 5 years ago today at an evening consultation the Neurologist said to me “I think it most likely that you have Parkinson’s” having watched me walk to-and-fro a few times and manipulated my arms and legs.

The previous day I had visited my GP to see why my arm kept dragging against my chest whilst I was out running as it had become just a bit annoying.  The constant fatigue I had been experiencing for months I had put down to a busy, hectic job combined with lots of driving and having two young children.  The look from the GP changed that as she reached for her shelf and a directory to find me the details of that consultant Neurologist who would see me the next evening.

A few months on we stumbled upon that great picture of someone wearing welly boots jumping into a puddle with the phrase “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”.  This became our mantra.

Those 5 years have gone quickly.  Too quickly.  Anyone who knows me/us well would most likely agree that I/we haven’t stood still.  There’s been plenty of learning to dance in the rain.  We’ve made a few changes to our lives to meet this challenge head on.

This is my first post in almost 6 months.  There are lots of reasons why this is so.  Not least because I have been losing ground against my Parkinson’s.  This has been hard.  Very hard.  These have been the toughest months of the journey so far.  The rain has been persistent and soaking.  Yet every day we get up and dance and continue to do so without fail.  We will again tomorrow.  It might be time to learn a few new steps?

We shall go on to the end.  We shall fight Bradykenesia, we shall fight the sleepless nights and postural instability, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength against the Dyskensia, we shall defend our Stubstantia Nigra, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the Levodopa, we shall fight the Fatigue and the streets, we shall fight in our head; we shall never surrender


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